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Pure AffectionSolo Exhibition of Canal Cheong Jagerroos

21/2 – 21/3/2014

Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery

Opening21/2/2014  18:30-20:30    (Cocktail served)

Pure Affection Press Release   Pure Affection Post Press Release


Artist work Links:  http://canaljagerroos.com/

Video on its participation in the Venice Biennale 2013: 


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Macao Daily Newspapper  “百科宮殿”中的張彤茹 2014.02.25

Macao Daily Newspapper  張彤茹的“純觸覺” 2014.03.11

Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Jornal do Cidadão Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Hoje Macau Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Hou Kong Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Tai Chung Pou Canal Jagerroos na FRC – JTM Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Macau Daily Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Ponto Final Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Times Canal Jagerroos na FRC – Jornal do Cidadão

Artist Statement

Cheong Tong U Jagerroos (Canal)

I love to paint. For the past of 20 years, I have tried numerous creative approaches, both fleetingly and for longer periods, in my exploration of the nature of the material and immaterial realm, I tried to blend ancient Chinese motifs and modern elements, I integrate the past with the present through unique symbolic creations that depict the peace and harmony of a utopian world. I am often confronted and challenged by positive and negative elements, their resolutions being ultimately manifested in the interplay of novel harmonious expressions. In the process of this exploration, I have found that persistence and dedication are the basic elements in art. I have learnt too that it is essential to be true to oneself, to keep the heart open and to never give in.The majority of my paintings are inspired by ancient Chinese philosophies, poems, nature as well as my unique experience of having lived in various different countries for more than 20 years: Hong Kong, Shanghai, France, Switzerland, Italy, Africa and Finland; therefore whether as consciously or subconsciously, these exceptional cultural experiences have permeated my later works.My creative techniques involve using multiple layers of rice paper, acrylic, ink, and traditional Chinese pigments which are incorporated together using mixed medium to derive a sense of depth on canvas.I believe as the philosopher Richard Kamber so eloquently expressed, “Art is one true global language. It knows no nation, it favours no race, and it acknowledges no class. It speaks of our need to reveal, heal, and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible”.My solo exhibition “Pure Affection” at the Macau Rui Cunha Foundation is about enthusiasm towards life, as well as the planned and spontaneous moments that bind the material and immaterial realms.For this exhibition, I am grateful to Macau Rui Cunha Foundation, Macau SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau for their kind support and assistance by providing this great venue for my exhibition. For this I wish to express my deepest gratitude. The exhibition is an important artistic exchange, and I hope that through this exhibition there is opportunity to get a new generation of young artists to meet and exchange experiences, and so also to contribute to the developments of arts and culture in Macau. Canal Cheong Jagerroos  [張  彤  茹 ]
CannalArtist / PainterLive and work in Finland, Germany and FranceEducation

Art Association de Macau

Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy, China.

Hong Kong University – Graphic Design – Hong Kong


Upcoming Exhibitions

2014  Solo exhibition ’Pure Affection’ Rui Cunha Foundation, Macao, China

2014  Solo exhibiton ’Infintity’ Galleria Bulevardi 7, Helsinki, Finland

2013 55th Venice Biennale Art Exhibiton ’Time.Space.Existence’, Venice, Italy

2013 Gumbostrand Konst & Form Contemporary Art Auction, Finland

2013  Solo exhibition ’Royaume des Saisons’ Galerie Geneviere Marty, Cannes, France


Solo and Selected Exhibitions 

2013  Duel exhibition ’Seeking foe Inner-Self’ Gallery NTG, London, UK

2012    Solo exhibition ’Selective Reality’ Utställningssalongen Stockholm, Sweden

2012  Berliner Liste Inetrnational Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

2011    Solo exhibition Galleri Viktoria Göteborg, Sweden

2011    Selected Billnas Summer exhibition, Finland

2011   Selected Contemporary Art Exhibition, IWCR, France

2011   Selected exhibition ’Dreamscape’ Onishi Gallery, New York, USA

2012    International Contemporary Art Fair (PAF), London, UK

2011   AAF, Milan, Italy

2010   Art Asia Miami, USA

2010   Solo exhibition ’Essence of A Girl’ Gallery Karin Weber, Hong Kong, China

2010  Solo exhibition ’Carpe Diem’ Galleria Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland

2010  Selected International Group Exhibition, Eduard Vilde Museum, Tallinn Estonia

2010  Helsinki International Art Fair, Helsinki, Finland

2010  Billnas Summer exhibition, Finland

2010   Brussels Art Fair, Belgium

2009  Utrecht Contemporary art fair, Holland

2009   Eduard Vilde Museum, Tallinn,

2009   AAF London Art Fair, London, UK

2009   Selective exhibition Gallery JMA, Vienna, Austria

2009   Chelsea Art Fair, London, UK

2009   International Drawing Triennial Tallinn Estonia

2008   Selective exhibition Museum of America, Miami, US

2008   Lineart-Gent, Belgium

2008   Art Event Antwerp, Belgium

2008    Solo exhibiton ’A Silver Day’ Galeria Viktoria, Göteborg, Sweden

2008   Solo exhibiton ’Realm of Solitude’ Galleria Bulevardi 7, Helsinki, Finland

2008  Selective exhibition Marziart International gallery, Hamburg Germany

2005    Solo exhibiton ’Callinf of the Blue’ Anna Galleria, Helsinki, Finland

2004    Solo exhibiton Dak’art Biennale 2004, Dakar, Senegal

2004    Solo exhibiton DWG Sponsored Art Exhibition Dakar Senegal

2003    DWA Sponsored Art Exhibition, Dakar Senegal

2002    Solo exhibiton ’The Sound of Nature’ Galleria Rottori Tribbio, Trieste, Italy

2001    Solo exhibiton Gallery Arrigo, Zurich, Switzerland

2001   Arte Trieste Collective Exhibition Trieste Italy

2000    Solo exhibiton Gallery Arrigo, Zurich Switzerland

2000    Galleria Rottori Tribbio Italy

1999    Solo exhibiton Gallery Sum Qui Sum, Strasbourg, France

1999  Galleria Rotto Trebbio Trieste Italy

1998    Solo exhibiton Gallery Arrigo, Zurich, Switzerland

1997    Gallery Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

1996    Solo exhibiton Gallery Sum Qui Sum, Strasbourg, France

1996  Gallery Sum Qui Sum, Strasbourg, France

1989-   1995 Arte Society de Macau, china

1986 Macau Junior Art Exhibition, Macau, China


Recent Newspapers Reviews and Magazine Interviews

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Wochenblatt April 2008 Hamburg, Germany

Zenit Art and Culture interview March 2008 Sweden

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Selected Paintings of Canal Jagerroos / Finland 2007

Arti e Spettacoli – Il Paesaggio – Eternamente Attuale 24/5/02 (Italy)

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Il Mercatino, Art & Culture / Alla ‘Rettori Tribbio II’ 11/5/02 (Italy)

Dak’ Art Biennale – Le Temoin, Une artiste chinoise sous le charme du bonheur simple de Senegal 21/6/04 (Senegal)

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The Artist Month, DWA, Chinese Painting exhibition May/04 (Senegal)

French radio Nostagie 90.3 – Biennale Artist’s Interview 27/05/04 Culture

Juried Judge for Junior Paintings Contest /American Academy / Dakar May/05


Private Collections

More than 400 of Canal’s paintings were in private collections in Switzerland, France,

USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Africa, Holland, Macau, Singapore, UK, Estonia,

Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, and Finland