The CRED-MD – Center for Reflection, Study and Dissemination of Macau Law, is a unit of the Foundation Rui Cunha, with the main scope of the coordination of all resources allocated to the investigation of Macau Law within its uniqueness, so to contribute to the creation, preservation and dissemination of doctrine and jurisprudence of the MSAR.


The CRED-DM provides the site videos, photographs and newspaper news of all events.

The main strategic objectives of the CRED-DM are:

1) Coordinate, implement, promote or sponsor scientific research projects and education within the framework of the legal system and legislative MSAR;
2) Compendiar, review, organize, maintain and disseminate a body of doctrine and jurisprudence of the MSAR;
3) To undertake, promote or sponsor training courses, conferences, debates, seminars and symposia;
4) To undertake, promote or sponsor activities for the dissemination of law, with special focus on the legal areas of higher incidence in the Region and especially targeting legal professionals Macau;
5) Perform, promote or sponsor editorial activities relating to the Law of the MSAR;
6) Assign grant awards and scholarships within the economic and social purposes statutorily enshrined by the Foundation. Rui Cunha;
7) Provide and encourage the publication of studies on the Law of Macau;
8) Create a library in Macau specializes in the areas of legal sciences, history and international relations (art. 2 of the Regulation of CRED-DM).