Established by Rui José da Cunha and his sons, the Rui Cunha Foundation is a non-profit legal person under private law to benefit the public interest, and its main purpose is to contribute to the development of the identity both of the MSAR’s separate and autonomous legal system and of the people of Macau and their unique culture by undertaking philanthropic and cultural work in its civil society.

The Foundation has its head office in Macau, (Avenida da Praia Grande, n° 749, R/C A) and was founded on the 28th of April 2012, date when its Statues were formally adopted, the powers were conferred to its governing bodies and its Art Gallery opened.

In addition to the Art Gallery and the areas reserved for services and administration, the Foundation has also a mini auditorium for lectures, conferences, workshops and concerts, and a law library with a private reading area.

The activities directly undertaken by the Foundation in the area of the individual and autonomous legal system of Macau SAR are concentrated at the Centre for Reflection, Study and Dissemination of Macau Law, which are headquartered on the same location of the Head Office of the Foundation.

In the pursuit of their activities, which are undertaken purely for the benefit of the public interest, the Rui Cunha Foundation shall, as a permanent rule governing its actions, cooperate with the legal and educational departments of the various departments of the MSAR Government, the Lawyers Association of Macau, Universities and scientific institutions, and any other institutions based outside the MSAR pursuing identical objectives as those of the Foundation. The initial monetary assets of the Rui Cunha Foundation is MOP $50,000,000.00, which is reinforced through a monthly contribution allocated by its own founder, Dr. Rui Cunha, benefiting also from the right to use and enjoy, at no cost, the facilities where it will be based.

The chair of the Foundation was entrusted to its founder Dr. Rui Cunha, who chairs both the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees for life. The Board of Directors is composed of an uneven number of directors, from which, two vice presidents were appointed, and the Executive Committee which has as its main duties the day-to-day management of the entire Foundation. The President appointed all directors, for a period of three years.

The Board of Trustees is an advisory body to monitor the general operation of the Foundation, consisting of persons of recognized merit in the scientific, cultural, professional and civic involvement in Macau, whose main role is essentially to advise on the major guidelines for all activities of the Foundation. The President, the Co-Founders and the remaining Directors up to a maximum of fifteen, appointed by the President for a period of four years, make up this board.

The Foundation also has an Auditing Board or a Single Auditor. In addition to the governing bodies referred above, the Foundation will rely on a group of specialized consultants, who are appointed according to the interests and needs of the institution, who may be called at any time, to work, attend meetings and advise on a certain matters and / or projects under consideration.

As a distinctive and personal mark, the Foundation has its own logo complemented by a phrase which, in short, sums up its main goal: “For Macau, More and Better”.

Official communication from the Director of Public Service and Administration

The ” RUI CUNHA FOUNDATION” was assigned the legal qualification of legal person of public utility management.

It is an honor and recognition of the credibility of our project, and an exception to the usual minimum of 3 years of activity, as the law provides.

Comunicação SAFP Boletim Oficial Press Release

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