The Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery is intended to be a platform for the dissemination of young artists from Macau, contributing sustainably to the cultural landscape of the territory. To achieve the objectives of the present Rui Cunha Foundation statutes, intend with action, promote or sponsor of socio-cultural events, particularly in literature, the visual arts and music, with the aim of spreading the culture itself and creative industries SAR.

We understand that in this way we can contribute to the development of identity, whether the legal system of the MSAR, and autonomous individual, whether the people of Macau and its unique culture, philanthropic and culturally intervening in their civil society. In this sense, beyond exposures, the Rui Cunha Foundation cultural areas, develops an educational program aimed at training the look and develop sensitivity to the various art forms, especially in younger people and in public school. In addition to creative workshops, specially designed for the purpose and in accordance with the patent exhibits in the gallery, we have the realization of Conversations with Art or around the Design, among others, to be a forum for discussion, either by professionals, either of the whole society, diversifying the themes and perspectives on the issues relevant to the culture in Macau.

In music, the creation of a Youth String Orchestra Foundation Rui Cunha, subject to an established protocol with Star Music & Arts Center, reveals the intention of continuing to encourage the youth of the territory. Other improvements will follow, relating to sport and social area of great importance and contribution to the communities in the territory. For Macau, more and better.