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Module : Legal Costs

Date : November 26 , 3 and 7 December 2012
Hours : 18h30 to 20h

Coordinator : João Pereira Magalhães ( Instructor Justice Officials of the Court of Base )

Location : Rui Cunha Foundation , Avenida da Praia Grande , n.749 , R / C , Macau
Organization : CRED-DM – Center for Reflection , Study and Dissemination of the Law of Macau Foundation Rui Cunha

Free training but subject to registration.

Registration: Send email with CV to cred-dm@fundacao-rc.org until November 23, 2012

I – Objectives
It is intended to provide a practical perspective on the issue in question, namely : What are the expense and comprising ; Difference between costs in criminal prosecution / civil proceedings ; Values ​​of the processes, the consequences of liability costs ( when the value specified by the author does not conforms to the rules of CPC ) ; Rate justice (calculation due to the kind of process and the stage at which it finishes in 1st Court and High Courts ) ; Responsibility for costs (legal framework ) ; preparations ( species preparations , amounts and payment terms ; exemptions , which is responsible for the payment , penalties for non-payment ), How to examine and check in easy and simple way , the correct preparation of an account .