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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Monday, April 15th at 6:30pm, a Lecture-Recital entitled “Nocturnal Tunes: The Night of 19th-Century Art Music”, conducted by musicologist Dr. Sio Pan Leong (梁少彬), and featuring pianists Vicky Hei Man Tong (湯曦雯) and Christy Pui Man Tong (湯珮雯), soprano Hapi Hoi Sam Chan (陳開心) and harpist Jessica Iok Man Chong (鍾玉敏).

Co-organized by the Macau Musical Performance Association and the Macau Musicological Association, the session will lead the audience to «immerse themselves in the nocturnal landscape of 19th-century art music». During this era, «the night’s darkness served as a canvas for engaging with the mysterious and the irrational», exploring «the sublime and the transcendental, dreams and yearning, as well as the uncharted and shadowy aspects of the human psyche», according to MMPA.

The program describes a fascinating journey through quintessential aesthetic pieces created for piano, voice and harp, by renowned composers such as Schubert, Tosti, Debussy, Chopin, Brahms and Hasselman, where diverse interpretations of “Night” will be showcased. Additionally, the lecture component will accompany the audience on an exploration and elucidation of these concept, unraveling the mysteries and poetic essence of the “Night” in music, art and literature of the 19th-century.

The session will unfold in four segments: “Ode to the Night”, which explores the Romanticism’s glorification of this concept; “Awakening”, which represents the transition from the ethereal realm of dreams to the stark reality of day; “Nocturne”, which unveils through instrumental compositions the night’s enigmatic and shadowy aspects; and “Nightingale” which serenades the audience with nature’s enchanting sounds at night.

Regardless of anyone’s level of musical knowledge, this Lecture-Recital promises to evoke the profound allure and emotional depth of the “Night” in classical music.

The event will be held in Cantonese, with English lyrics and information content on screen.

Admission is free.

Don’t miss it!

For Macau, Further and Higher!

Program – Nocturnal Tunes – Macau Music Performance Association – 15.04.2024


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