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02.03.2024The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 at 5:00 pm, a Bel Canto “Mars Lei Vocal Students Recital “, integrated in the series of Nam Van Sound Waves musical concerts, co-organized by the Macau Vocal Association.

This is the first session of “Nam Van Sound Waves” this year, featuring Bel Canto with sopranos Rainny Yan and Puey Zhu, who have been studying under music vocal teacher Mars Lei, accomplished pianist, guitarist, choral conductor, arranger, and a baritone classic performer himself.

The two sopranos, accompanied on the piano by Joyce Shen and Miriam Zheng, will sing vocal art pieces and operaselections, all executed in the original languages, by classic composers Gabriel Fauré, Vincenzo Bellini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Strauss, Franz Lehár, Roger Quilter, Georges Bizet, Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, and Johann Strauss Jr.

Rainny Yan (顏雨), 20 years old, is studying Music Performance at the Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist University – United International College. She is currently in her third year and is studying vocal music under teacher Li Zhaokang. In high school, she studied at the Xin’an Middle School under teacher Lin Bin.

Puey Zhu (朱寶怡), 20 years old, majored in Music Performance at Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist University – United International College, and studied under teacher Li Zhaokang. She attended the Henggang Senior High School in Shenzhen and studied with teachers Si Wen and Yang Yawen.

The Macau Vocal Association has always aimed to promoting the development of vocal music art in Macau, and achieving the mission of spreading it towards the young people and the local public. The series of recitals and concerts, held in partnership with educational institutions in the territory, intend to provide through music a balanced development of moral, intellectual, aesthetic, physical, and social well-being, for people of all ages in their free time.

 Admission is free.

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Program – Nam Van Sound Waves – Mars Lei Vocal Students Recital – 02.03.2024