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“Macau Cultural Heritage – Identity & Historic Sites”

The Rui Cunha Foundation and the Associação dos Jovens Macaenses (AJM) present today, Monday, November 6th at 6:30pm, a  a seminar focused on the theme of Macau’s cultural heritage.

Titled “Macau Cultural Heritage – Identity & Historic Sites”, the session will feature the following speakers: Maria José Freitas, architect and president of the ICOMOS – Grupo Científico Heranças Partilhadas; Sally Ng, from the Macau Heritage Ambassadors Association; Heiman Chan, from the Association for the Reinvention of Cultural Heritage Studies of Macau, and António Monteiro, president of the Associação dos Jovens Macaenses who will moderate the session.

As a legacy from previous generations, the city’s cultural heritage is part of Macau’s identity and continues to actively participate in daily life. In addition to being a responsibility of the Government and its owners, it is also a duty for the citizens of Macau – where all sectors of civil society have a role to play – in ensuring the protection of tangible and existing intangible assets.

The Macao SAR Government recently began the requalification of some historic areas, including revitalization projects for different community neighborhoods, with the support of gaming concessionaires.

How can we protect the local identity and unique characteristics of historic areas? What is the role and participation of society in this context? How to promote differentiation to boost the economy and cultural tourism? These are some of the main topics to be addressed during the session.

The seminar is co-organized by AJM and the Rui Cunha Foundation, with the collaboration of Macau Heritage Ambassadors Association, the Macau Cultural Heritage Studies Reinvention Association and the Macau International Institute.

This session will be held in English and Chinese.

Admission is free.
Don’t miss it!
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