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Poster Songs of Wayfarers - 18.03.2023 - 流浪者之歌海報
“Songs of Wayfarers: Why Do You Wander? Wander Away…” is a lecture-recital led by musicologist Sio Pan Leong, together with tenor Zyon Li and pianist Pui Man Tong, exploring the theme of travel and wandering in Romantic-era literature and art.
This program features a diverse array of songs that draw inspiration from the wanderlust aesthetic, offering a unique and captivating listening experience for audiences who have an interest in classical music, literature, and art, or simply enjoy learning about new and fascinating subjects.
Through this lecture-recital, audiences will gain insight into the cultural and artistic significance of the traveller motif in Romantic-era Europe.
The event will last around 1 hour, including an intermission. In the lecture portion of the event, our expert speaker will explore the cultural and artistic significance of the wanderer motif in Romantic-era literature and art.
Following the lecture, the recital will showcase some of the most iconic works that have been inspired by this theme, including:
* Franz Schubert: “Der Wanderer” and Winterreise (selections)
* Fanny Mendelssohn: “Nachtwanderer”
* Clara Schumann: “Der Wanderer”
* Gustav Mahler, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (selections)
* Ralph Vaughan Williams: Songs of Travel (selections)
Admission is free.
Don’t miss it!
@Rui Cunha Foundation, Saturday 18, of March, 6pm.

Program – Songs of Wayfarers . Lecture and Piano Recital -18.03.2023