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Macao’s economic prosperity at the turn of the 16th to the 17th centuries placed the small outpost in a conspicuous position and generated greed, among other facts, from the Dutch. These, since they settled in Java, believed that economic dominance of the surrounding seas was at hand. Macau was the hub of all commerce, making it an obsession for those from the Netherlands to seize the city and the pivotal role it played. It was 400 years ago.

On the 24th of June 1622, the landing of the enemies in the bay of Cacilhas Beach began at dawn. There were 13 Dutch ships, plus 2 English ships, with 800 operational men (600 Europeans and another 200 among Japanese, Malays and Gujaratis) that arrived to the shore with all the paraphernalia of armament in 32 boats…

How did Macau defend itself and manage to win this almost impossible battle? The Rui Cunha Foundation and the Association of Former Students of the Commercial School “Pedro Nolasco” (AAAEC), present a short documentary, entitled “Questioning History: The Dutch attack on Macau 400 years ago – 24 June 1622/2022”, starring the historian and researcher Beatriz Basto da Silva and directed by José Basto da Silva, within the scope of the series “Notebook of Stories” that had to be canceled due to the current Authorities’ Health restrictions.

The film is subtitled in Portuguese, Chinese and English.

Don’t miss it and stay safe!