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Guzheng and Vocal Recital . Day 17-01

The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Friday, June 17th at 6:30pm, a “Guzheng and Vocal Recital”, performed by soloists Carol Lee and Keri Mak, which will be accompanied by Joanna Wong on the Piano, in an event organized by the Macao Music Performing Arts and Cultural Education Association (MMPACEA).

The concert will be divided into two parts, the first half with 4 traditional Guzheng themes executed by Carol Lee and created by composers Wei Jun, Li Bo, Gao Baijian and Wang Danhong. «The Guzheng is one of the oldest plucked string instruments in my country, with strong national characteristics. But it is also versatile and can be performed on several stages, allowing some fusion of traditional sounds with more modern ones. There are many composers today trying to innovate, adding more western musical elements, without losing the flavor of the Chinese nation», explains Carol Lee.

The second half will be dedicated to Bel Canto, in the voice of mezzo-soprano Keri Mak, accompanied by Joanna Wong‘s Piano. The program includes 8 classical and contemporary themes by composers such as Gabriel Fauré, C. Gastoldoni, Georges Bizet, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Fang Shi and Yuan Jing, Joseph Kosma, Victor-Marie Hugo and Louis Guglielmi. The last two songs will be performed together by the three interpreters, in an ensemble of Voice, Guzheng and Piano.

Carol Lee and Keri Mak are co-founders of MMPACEA and are both Masters graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, the highest music institution in the country. In Macau they have developed an important work as teachers and pedagogues of children and young people in their musical fields. Carol Lee has been involved in a wide range of performances and productions, experimenting with various genres and exploring the potential of Guzheng. Since her graduation and returning to Macau in 2020, she has been active in promoting the local industry and educating young musical talents. Keri Mak followed a similar path, graduating from Opera in the same year and performing several concerts in Beijing, Shanghai and Macau, where she is now a Voice teacher at Macao Polytechnic University.

Admission is free.

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