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Poster_new2021The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Saturday, May 14 at 5:00 pm, a “Joint Recital of Bel Canto & The Macau Polytechnic University”, integrated in the series of musical concerts “Nam Van Sound Waves”, co-organized by the Macau Vocal Association and featuring the students of MPU.

Under the orientation of Macau Polytechnic University’s Music Course teacher, Ms. May Ho-Tung Poon, the selected program for this afternoon will showcase the highly accomplished voices of sopranos Ziqi Zhao, Yirong Wang and Yuan Tao, and tenors Liangyi Chen and Yuzhuo Zhang, accompanied on the piano by Ms. May Poon herself and pianist Irene Liang.

Also noteworthy is the presence of oboe player Jiahui Lu, performing a classical theme by Robert Schumann. The recital will also feature musical pieces by composers Vincenzo Bellini, Huang Zi, Clara Schumann, Giacomo Puccini, Johannes Brahms, Ruggiero Leoncavallo, Changqun Ao, Francis Poulenc, Tianhe Chen, Rui Zhang, Giuseppe Verdi, Gabriel Fauré e Yongxi Huang.

Bel Canto is considered the maximum expression of human voice. The Italian term was coined in the 18th century and is still today taught in a similar way as in the past. This vocal technique emphasizes the beauty of sound and the technical capacity of the artist, instead of the dramatic expression or romantic emotion.

Admission is free.

Don’t miss it!

For Macau, Further and Higher!

Belcanto Saturdays_Program_14 May 2022


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