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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30pm, the conference “The Harmony in Counterpointing”, in partnership with the Macau Bookworm’s Association, the Macao Calligraphers Association and the Flora Garden Poetry Friends Association.

The event will be conducted by Master Kou Tak Kuong, in Cantonese, with consecutive Portuguese interpretation by Shee Va.

During the 10th Anniversary Celebrations month, where the Foundation’s mission to contribute for the development of Macao’s cultural identity has been highly praised, nothing is more appropriate than to highlight the value and symbolism of Chinese couplets, present in multiple buildings in the city.

With a millenary existence, this element of Chinese literature has different categories and functions. In a simple way, these are two opposing verses, but not contradictory. On the contrary, they complement each other to establish the harmony so aspired by Humanity.

The Chinese couplet is, therefore, a tangible object of Chinese culture, whose content is intangible due to the ideas and values it contains. Its importance in Chinese daily life and culture must, therefore, be understood by everyone and, in particular, by the expatriate community residing in Macau.

Master Kou Tak Kong will seek to clarify these details, explaining the content and rules used in the creation of the couplets, for a better understanding of this important manifestation of oriental culture.

Admission is free, subject to room capacity.

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