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Ada Zhang Poster_posterThe Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Wednesday, April 6th at 6:30pm, the Solo Painting Exhibition “Home’s Where The Heart Is” by artist Ada Zhang, a talented painter from Sichuan province, in Mainland China, that married and moved to Macau seven years ago, to depict the many hidden beauties of local urban landscape, everyday lifestyle and diverse people, through her immigrant’s eyes and unique brushstrokes of impressionism.

In this exhibition, the artist will showcase 35 paintings in watercolor, oil, acrylic and mixed media, a collection of images that confirm her talent for observing and capturing the essence of what surrounds her, and composing meaningful pieces that are rich in connotations. «The locals usually forget to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings and what they experience every day. Therefore, her artworks show lots of details that she discovered in Macau from an outsider’s perspective. Each of her works is like a personal diary and also a journalistic documentary of Macau», reveals the exhibition proposal.

In the words of her friend and curator, Delia Jing, «as a person arrived to a foreign place, Ada Zhang regards Macau as the home deep in her soul, because of her love for the place», also adding that «although Ada Zhang’s paintings of Macau’s street scenes use watercolor as the main form of expression, the core of her ideology is still the idea of a Chinese scroll painting that she unconsciously expresses».

«In Ada Zhang’s eyes, and in the eyes of every traveler, Macau is an extremely tolerant place. Here, the traditional Tudi Gong (土地公), the God of the Earth, also blesses the tall and gorgeous casinos and the noisy restaurants, the Lighthouse of Guia reflects the trajectory of Mazu’s (媽祖) blessings, the majestic Nezha (哪吒) lives next to the supreme Western God… All kinds of landscape are harmoniously placed together, like folding screens from ancient times to the present, allowing people to abandon their beliefs or disbeliefs and simply focus on observing pedestrians, the buildings, a beam of light, flowers on the wall – for those are the masterpieces that graciously delight us», testifies the curator.

Ada Zhang is from the province of Sichuan, on the western Mainland China, and specializes in watercolor, oil painting, drawing and sketching. She is a member of the Macao Arts Association, the Macao Youth Art Association, the Macao Painting Association and the Macao Contemporary Watercolor Artists Association. Her works won the Cheng Yang Bazhai Drawing Competition Award of Excellence in 2021 and were selected for the 2021 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Watercolor Biennale.

Delia Jing, curator and friend of the artist, is from Jiangsu province and has graduated from the Visual Culture Department of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. She is currently studying at the Faculty of Art and Design of the Macau Polytechnic University (UPM) and is interested in art history and cultural studies.

The paintings will be on display until April 14, 2022.

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