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On 23rd October 2013 , the CRED -DM and Rui Cunha Foundation opened its doors for another session of the already well known , Reflections at nightfall .
This time the theme was the Industrial Property and Unfair Competition in Macau .

Participated in this conference Dr. Gonçalo Cabral , Assistant Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macao SAR , and Dr. João Gonçalves Assunção – Attorney at International Legal Solutions Abreu , Abreu Advogados – Portugal .
This conference also featured the presence of the Lord honorable Director of Economic Services of the Macao SAR , Mr. Sou Tim Peng .
In his speech, Mr Gonçalo Cabral addressed , in particular, the need to review and update of the Industrial Property in Macau , which has been in force for 13 years Code , as having suffered only a minor change in 2001 .
The development of a Code without regard to the jurisdiction of destination made ​​, presently in force and rules difficult to understand others completely inapplicable .
It is therefore urgent to look at this reality , reflecting and discussing the positive and constructive manner to better coordination between the existing legal regulatory and he who crave come to achieve.
Have the Lord Dr. João Gonçalves Assunção , highlighted the relationship between Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition , drawing attention to the need for a Competition Law in Macau , autonomous and integrated to existing general constant and the current regulatory Macau Commercial Code .

During his speech , tried , whenever possible, make a comparative study of what currently exists in Portugal and the rest of the world , and what we have in Macau , not forgetting , of course , the Law of Advertising .
Moderation of this conference was the responsibility of the Coordinator of CRED -DM , Filipa Guadalupe .
The Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition is a topic of great relevance and timeliness all over the world , assuming an importance even greater in a region like the MSAR , which aims to diversify its financial resources and enhancing sustainable growth and internationalization of Macau famous brand we all want to aspire for .
After presentations, as usual , extended the discussion to this audience , which participated in lively and relevant manner .
On behalf of CRED -DM thank , once again , the whole fantastic team , session after session will give body and soul to the project for all of us , as well as the distinguished speakers who kindly accepted our invitation and this whole public.
Your interest and participation are Your mobile that moves us forever we walk towards a Macau More and Better !
For comments , suggestions and / or editorial contributions , please do not hesitate to contact us . The CRED -DM is www.creddm.org e cred-dm@fundacao-rc.org

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