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Borderless Art Contemporary Exhibition

Exhibition Duration: 21/1 – 15/2/2014

Location: Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, Avenida da Praia Grande, n 749, r/c, Macau

Opening: 21/1/2014 18:30-20:00 (with cocktail served)

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Organized by Borderless Arts, Co-organised by Fundação Rui Cunha, Sponsored by Macau Cultural Institute

Facebook Page: Borderless Arts

EMAIL: BorderlssArts@gmail.com

Title : Borderless Arts Contemporary Exhibition

Celebrating the 5th anniversary with an exhibition included invited members and open call for students’ works. Borderless Arts organized an open call for artworks from Macau high-school students, and juried by Ms. Carla Mendes and Mr. Carlos Canhita,  Ms. Lúcia Lemos – who is an established artist and manager of Creative Macau –, as well as well-known architect and artist Mr. Andre Lui, , Ms. Chihong Choi creative producer of YUNYI Arts and Cultural Communications Association  and Ms. Gigi Lee and Mr. João Magalhães, representing Borderless Arts based on “Original”, “Artistic” ,”Creativities “and “Completeness”.

We aimed to encourage teenagers to participate in art exhibitions with established artists to gain experience from them. The purpose is to arouse the creativity of teenagers as well as the proper attitude of art creation.

This year we have 17 artists member and 9 candidates with 10 pieces of artwork participating the exhibition with different types of media included painting, printing, photography, sculpture, installation , video and ceramic,etc.

『Settle on the ground , open to the world』

Arte sem Fronteiras é uma organização estabelecida em 2008, composta pelos trabalhadores e educadores artísticos com diferentes especialidades. Temos como objectivo principal o apoio aos artistas com diferentes fundos a realizar o seu sonho através de projectos de intercâmbio internacional. Para além de desenvolvimento e inovação, ainda pretendemos preservar a cultura étnica.

CM Hong, Joao Jorge Magalhães (SAH) , Hsinlung Lai, Crystal Wong, Pakeong , Gigi Lee, Gretchen Elittle, Lei Ieng Wai, Justin Chiang, Catherine Cheong, Grace Yeu, Fan Sai Hong, Jet Wu, Kawaii Wong, Fernando Simões, Judy Lei and Chen Ren Hou.

Awarded candidate : Lou Ka I, Ng Si Nga, Lao In San, Tou Lai Man, Lao Iok Hong, Ho U Ieng, Leong Wai Chon, Ngai Cheng Nam, Chan Hong Io