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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Friday, March 19 at 6:30pm, a conference both in presence and online, entitled “Live LIVE Forum Macau”, to discuss the numerous opportunities live events on streaming platforms are bringing to every business, modernizing and boosting the economy in some degree.

LIVE Forum 2021 has invited different Macau Live consultants and practitioners to share their experience and insights on these online streaming events. The host is Alan Yung, expert in business development and digital content from M Plus Sports Media Company, who will moderate the conversation with Prof. Florence Lei – University of Saint Joseph, Ken Ao – Macao Live TV, Ryo Lou – Big TV Magazine, and Faye Cheong – SD Media Macao.

The Rui Cunha Foundation has been broadcasting for many years live events such as music concerts, legal talks, art exhibitions and seminars on various topics, to serve the local community of Macau. This time, the debate will be about the means and tools to produce and direct these live events. The digital streaming platforms are affecting the business environment, education, social interaction, and even generating a paradigm shift of daily life.

Live performances or events are flourishing as the latest streaming technology is maturing and perfecting itself. Live technology is not new, but the tools and gadgets to watch anything online, on a device anytime and anywhere, have culminated in today’s LIVE life culture.

Back in the old days, a TV live interactive program was, for instance, an event with celebrities trying to sell products on television while a hotline provided the means for interaction and purchase. There have been different types of live events on TV for ages, but since the last decade live streaming technology is no more exclusive to TV stations or big companies with very expensive professional equipment.

Nowadays, any person or entity can perform a live streaming for whatever purpose. It’s the era of “infotainment”! One can access daily online streaming images from an incident on a street, a live exhibition, a million dollars’ worth of live sports event, a celebrity vlogger selling to-be-popular products, or simply watching a leader’s speech in real time. The coverage of topics is virtually limitless.

The conversation will be in Cantonese, with no translation.

Admittance is free.

Don’t miss it!

For Macau, Further and Higher!