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Art of Illustration: London x Macau at FRC on December 14th

The Rui Cunha Foundation and the YunYi Arts and Cultural Communication Association inaugurate this coming Saturday, December 14th at 1 pm, the second part of the exhibition “Art of Illustration: London x Macau”, that takes now place in the territory, after having been last August at the Leyden Gallery, in the English capital.

The exhibition brings together 40 works by 20 artists – 10 from the United Kingdom and 10 from Macao – to be seen by the public of both cities on the same year, in August and December. The project is already in its 5th edition, after collaborations with artists from Porto (2015), San Francisco (2016), Barcelona (2017), Amsterdam (2018) and now London (2019).

At the opening ceremony one of the designers from the London group, Arnelle Woker, will be presenting her work and the artistic challenges that the profession faces today. The speaker was born in South Africa and lives in London, where she established herself as a freelance illustrator.

Illustration is a graphic representation of the real or imaginary world, which includes various techniques used to portray photography and painting, and to convey thoughts, facts, feelings, and emotions. It aims to attract attention, persuade, create context, inform, improve understanding or entertain the public.

This series of annual exhibitions aim to create a network between the community of established artists and emerging artists, providing them with a networking platform for further advances in their field of work and promotion of results.

Art pieces will be arriving from London to Macao from the artists Adam Latham, Aga Giecko, Arnelle Woker, Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, Chris Wormell, Hani Abusamra, Hasworld, Lucia Gaggiotti, Qiong Wu and Yoana Puleva. Macao will feature works by the local authors Angela Ramos, Christina Kong, Dilys Leong, Ella Lei, Eric Wong, Hac Sec, Hue Pang, Patricia Wong, Sanchia Lau and Tif Chan.

This project is mentored by Christine Hong Barbosa, Founder and Director of YunYi Association, and is curated by the designer Eric Wong.

The exhibition will be held at the FRC Gallery until January 4, 2020.

Admission is free.

Do not miss it!