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Fridays / 06:00-08:00 PM

PosterProgrammed for every Friday, depending on the gallery agenda, Rui Cunha Foundation, in association with ELITE – Association for Creativity and Music Culture, will organize a musical evening with piano, in which different kind of music will be heard from Mr. Forest Kam, from classic to western and Chinese pop. This event, which slogan is Enjoy music, Enjoy yourself, is an OPEN SESSION to all our guests, which means that all are invited to join and play their own songs. Any cancellation notice will be announced in advance.

OrganizerELITE – Association for Creativity and Music Culture

“ELITE is a non-profit organization which promotes the creativity of music, whose main target is Macao Resident, specially the teenagers in Macao. Our aim is to provide music training and counselling services for young people so that they can develop their potential and realize their goal. Our affiliates are music composer, lawyer, engineer, doctor, educational psychologist, music therapist and business representatives… etc. In other words, ELITE in the different fields is gathered here. Our organization aims to create and cultivate meticulously to the development of the teenagers’ music talent in Macao.

Useful information of Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery

Venue: Avenida da Praia Grande, nº 749, r/c, Macau

Free Entrance


Rui Cunha Foundation

Telf: (853) 28923288

E-mail: info@ruicunha.org


Tel: (853) 6233 8211

Email: elitemusic1119@yahoo.com.hk

Web: http://www.elitemusic.org.mo/