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The CRED-DM – Center for Reflection , Study and Dissemination of Macau Law and Rui Cunha Foundation, will present the next day November 14, Thursday, at 18.30, at its Headquarters, Avenida da Praia Grande, n.749, R/C C, Macau , the Notebooks CRED-DM – Cycles Practical Training in Law.
The collection presented here aims to publish the notes of support to several cycles of practical training, organized by CRED-DM.
In addition to the study guide for all graduates, we wish also that these books constitute an instrument of interest for all those who deal with issues related to Macao Law, in its most practical.
The presentation and comments will be in charge of Mr. Frederico Rato, Lawyer and Foundation Trustee Rui Cunha , and Author Dr. Vincent Monteiro, Conservative of the Rui Cunha Foundation.
This launch will take place in the Portuguese language, with simultaneous translation into Cantonese .
Admission is free .
We rely on the presence of all .
For Macau ( always ) More and Better !