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11/2/2015    7-10pm

Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery 

Conversation moderated by Prof. William Franke in English

Light refreshment served

Free admission

Prof. William Franke

Philosophy Cafés were created at the Café des Phares of France in 1992 by philosopher Marc Sautet. Sautet felt that no subject is in itself philosophical, but that all subjects can be treated philosophically. A philosophical conversation is a human interaction which links all people, because it revolves around a fundamental human question, Sautet believed.  The goal of the philosophy café is Socratic – that participants leave the discussion with more questions than they had when they arrived.

The inaugural “Philosophy Café” will be moderated in English by Prof. William Franke (Philosophy and Religion Studies Program, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macao), discussing ‘Philosophical Universalism and the Role of China in the World Today’.  Prof. Franke will lead the discussion to probe the need for and the limits of universals and attempt to discern what kinds of universality are appropriate in what contexts.  Also, the relations of universality with plurality and singularity will be raised in relation to issues concerning China’s development for the future and its emerging leadership role in the world.

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2015.02.11 – Philosophy