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Presentation and discussion of the Book – The Palgrave Handbook of EU – Asia Relations

From the Author Professor Thomas Christiansen, Professor of European Institutional Politics and Director of European Studies at the University of Maastricht,

to be held on January 24, Thursday, at 18.30, at the Headquarters of the Foundation Rui Cunha, Avenida da Praia great, n.749, R / C, Macau.

Participated in DEBATE
Dr. Charles Fleet, former Ambassador of Indonesia and Portugal first Consul General of Portugal in Macau, currently teaching at the University of St. Joseph,
Professor Zaicheng Yi, Professor of Private International Law and International Economic Law at MUST – Macau
Professor José Luis Sales Marques Institute of European Studies of Macau.

This conference will be in English.

Rui Cunha Foundation – CRED-DM