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VIP Session: 27/11/2014   12:00-20:00
Public Session: 28-30/11/2014   12:00-20:00

ART MO is an exciting young art fair with an exhibition focus on emerging contemporary art, rare classic artworks and lifestyle product with state of the art quality. The fair is situated in Macao where abundant resources from the entertainment industry and the dynamic tourism development are major assets for the building of a new platform for art. The city of Macao holds an unique tactical geographic location, open information environment and full capacity to embrace multiple cultures. ART MO is establishing an annual art event that would further generates impact in the region.

ART MO aims to draw art dealing closer to the entertainment and tourism industries, to optimize the resources and networks of the three, on the other side, the fair is initiating a comprehensive public education programme that will elevate the local audience’s knowledge of art . ART MO devotes itself in collaborations with local art institutes and communities, partnerships with fairs around Asia, with one solid goal of creating an unique and substantial art fair.