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12 Glowing_posterThe Rui Cunha Foundation opens today, Thursday, April 18th at 6:30pm, the Collective Art Exhibition “Twelve Glowing Years”, to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of this non-profit organization, established on April 28, 2012.

With an underlying mission to support and propel Macau’s cultural and creative production since its beginning, FRC has planned and executed over 1,600 events across various areas throughout the past 12 years, providing a platform for cultural exchange and educational enrichment, in a place that has gradually been earning the attention and respect of both local and regional communities, public and private entities.

To celebrate this historical milestone, and the many achievements of Rui Cunha Foundation, more than 50 artists were invited who had over the years exhibited their art at the Gallery, featuring diverse genres and materials such as painting, calligraphy, seal engraving, sculpture, photography, mixed media, and new artistic media.

The theme, free and inclusive of all styles, was interpreted by many as the consecration of a complete 12-year cycle filled with activities that cheered the territory’s multiculturalism. Therefore, some influence of the Chinese zodiac wheel of signs is shown in the works here represented, as if the little Dragon had finally returned home, more impressive and determined to conquer all future endeavors.

FRC would like to take this opportunity to extend its most sincere gratitude to the artists who contributed with great enthusiasm to brighten this initiative with their artistic creations. A special heartfelt appreciation is also due to the associations and institutions that have supported our vision and effort since the beginning. Last, but not least, we most earnestly thank the public in general, for their continuous and unconditional support throughout this great journey.

Participating in this project, in alphabetical order, are: Ada Zhang (張洪), Alice Ieong (楊雅琪), Allen Wong Soi Lon (王瑞麟), Ao Io Nam (歐耀南), Aya Lei (李絢), Benson Lam (林蔭生), Cai Guo Jie (蔡國傑), Wong Nga Peng (王雅萍), Chan Man Kin (陳文建), Christoper Lee (李永光), Cristina Vinhas, Denis Murrell (馬斯維), Gigi Lee (李綺琪), Giulio Acconci (夏利奧), Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, He Jian Guo (何建國), Hong Sansan (洪珊珊), MOMO (巫詠嫻), Huang Shao Qiong (黃少瓊), Jansky Lei Chi Hou (李志豪), Jet Wu (胡智杰), José Basto Da Silva (施若瑟), Julia Lam (林子筠), Kari Mak (麥嘉梨), Kwok Chi Kei (郭芷淇), Lai Chi Hou (黎志豪), Lai Sio Kit (黎小傑), Lam Po Leung (梁藍波), Lee Chau Ping (李秋平), Erica Leong (梁笑東), Lok Hei (陸曦), Mana Lao (劉曉蔓) , Mok Wa Kei (莫華基), Mónica Coteriano, NaHeYa (納禾雅), Natalie Lao (劉春紅), Minnian Ng Ka Ian (伍嘉欣), Pak Keong Sequeira (百強), Rhys Lai (賴燕廣), Sit Ka Kit (薛家傑), Anna Tai Lai Keng (戴麗琼), Tam Keng (譚敬), Todi Kong de Sousa (江麗容), Ung Choi Kun (吳在權), Wilson Lam (林子因), Dophine Wong (黃安兒), Wong Sio Hang (黃韶衡), Wong Weng Kei (黃詠琪), Yaya Vai (韋艷芳), Yun Fung Chan (任風塵), Zheng Yu (鄭宇).

The opening ceremony will celebrate with the artists the 12th Anniversary of FRC, featuring some special musical moments. The exhibition will be on display until May 4, 2024.
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