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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents tomorrow, Thursday, April 11th at 6:30pm, a conference on the topic “Knowledge on Top of Capital”, co-organized by AEIMCP – Association for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Macau – China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries, with guest speakers Paulo Andrez, author and former President of EBAN; and Paulo José Esperança, Assistant Dean and Professor at City University of Macau.

The participants will debate on the new concept of ‘angel investors’ and their vital backing of new startups and young entrepreneurs. «Angel investors play a critical role in fostering innovation ecosystems by providing crucial financial support and mentorship to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional venture capitalists or institutional investors, angel investors are typically individuals who invest their own capital into promising startups in exchange for equity», according to the organizers.

«Angel investors are unique because they contribute more than just financial resources to startups; they often provide valuable expertise, industry connections, and mentorship to entrepreneurs, which is something that Governments are unable to provide». In fact, many of this angel investors «are usually seasoned entrepreneurs, C-level workers or industry veterans with extensive experience and networks within their respective fields. Their guidance and mentorship can be instrumental in helping startups navigate the challenges of launching and scaling their businesses, including product development, market strategy, and fundraising. With direct access to cutting-edge technologies and fast-growing companies, angel investors are critically positioned to capitalize on their investments wisely».

Paulo Andrez is a renowned angel investor and the President Emeritus of EBAN (European Business Angel Networks). He is also a bestselling author in the US, with the book “Zero Risk Startup” (Forbes Publisher), and will provide insights into the motivations driving angel investors, while also sharing tips on mitigating risks in angel investments and highlighting the advantages of establishing angel networks in Macau. https://pauloandrez.com/

Paulo José Esperança is the Assistant Dean and Professor at City University of Macau. He is the former Dean of ISCTE Business School (2015–19) and the former President of the Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal (FCT, 2019–22).

The discussion will be held in English and moderated by Marco Duarte Rizzolio, President of AEIMCP, Association for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Macau – China and Portuguese-speaking Countries and co-founder of 929 Challenge.

Admission is free.
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