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Jointly held by Rui Cunha Foundation and Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Macau)

POSTERDate: September 18, 2023

Time: 6:30pm-7:45pm

Guest Speakers:

Matthew Ossolinski,  CEO of Hengqin-based GW Investment Consulting;

Evelyn Kong Manager of Pak Lek Group;

João Li Director of Perfeição company Limited;

Jessie Lin C&C Lawyers, Consultant Qualified mainland Chinese lawyer.



José Carlos Matias, Director of Macau Business and Macau News Agency


  • The Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin Two Years After Its Establishment – An Overview
  • Set of Incentives and Favorable Policies and Measures Adopted for Macau-Based Companies Operating in Hengqin – Breadth and Effectiveness
  • The First and Second Line – How Much of a Game Changer Will the Second Line of Hengqin Be and the Free Flow of Goods Between Macau and Hengqin?
  • Mobility of People – Is the First Line a Soft Border? Non-Chinese Nationals’ Border-Crossing Mobility
  • Legal System: Steps Towards the Development of Hengqin’s Legal System, Especially in Regards to Commercial Law and Disputes
  • How Can Hengqin Leverage Macau’s Role as a China-PSC (Portuguese-Speaking Countries) Platform?
  • Specific Favourable Policies and Measures for Investment from Lusophone Companies (Tax Incentives, Other Favourable Measures, HR Recruitment)
  • Capital Mobility and Repatriation of Profits Prospects
  • Market Access (Trade of Goods) for PSC Companies
  • Transportation and Interconnectivity Between Macau, Hengqin, and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) (High-Speed Railway, Airport Connection)

This event will be held in English and entry is free.

This conference is broadcasted on FRC Facebook page.

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FRC | Empresários reconhecem que desenvolvimento de Hengqin é “notório” | Telejornal da TDM – Canal Macau de 19.09.2023

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