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Scenic Huangshan: Photography Exhibition by Kok Heng-Sun


Opening: 10/6/2014

Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery

Cocktail served

Free admission

This exhibition displays a series of photography work of the UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Site – Huangshang. The scenic mountain is renowned for its lofty and unique rocked pinnacles, strong green pines varied in position, forceful waterfall and heaved sea of clouds. The photographs are  printed on rice paper and mounted on silk, a technique that is not used to photography before and the finished works resemble to traditional chinese water and ink paintings.

Introduction of  Kok Heng-Sun (Peter)

Mr. Kok Heng-Sun, Peter , Chinese, ancestry originated from Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. He was born in Macau in 1936 and has been working as an amateur photographer for more than fifty years. Kok has been The Liaison Officer of Photographic Society of America in Macao, Vice-President (HK & Macao Chapter) and Consultative Member (Macao Chapter) of Federation of Asian Photographic Art (FAPA), and Honorary President and Vice President of Macao Photographer’s Federation. Honoraries include Fellow of Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) in 1986, Associateship of British Institute of Professional Photography (ABIPP) in 1992, Fellow of the Photographic Society of America in 1997, and Artiste of The International Federation of Photographic Art (AFIAP) in 2005.

TDM’s Macao Production on ‘Scenic Huangshan – Photography Exhibition by Kok Heng Seng’ in FRC


2014.06.10 - Kok Heng Sun - Paisagens de Huangshan

Scenic Huangshan

scenic huangshan2