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POSTERThe Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Tuesday, August 29th at 6:30pm, the “Wa Kei Calligraphy & Painting Association Artworks 2023” Joint Members’ Exhibition, curated by Mok Hei Kei, daughter of the renowned calligrapher and artist Mok Wa Kei, President of said institution.

This exhibition showcases 42 pieces of Chinese calligraphy and painting, revealing very diverse styles that include seal writing, clerical writing, regular writing, cursive writing, among other examples. The 41 artists represented come from various professions, including businessmen, civil servants, teachers, clerks, retirees, and primary and secondary school students, covering different age groups, from the elderly to young apprentices.

According to the curator, Mok Hei Kei, with the organization of this joint exhibition «the Association hopes to provide members with the opportunity to showcase their works, encouraging their artistic skills and promoting the learning, research, and creation of calligraphy and painting, as well as improving traditional Chinese culture and art in Macao». «In view of the Government’s valuable support to Chinese calligraphy and painting, along with the vigorous expansion of an academic community, the Association began to regularly hold members’ exhibitions since 2018, aiming to improve their knowledge and talent by gathering all calligraphy and painting lovers», she explained.

Being an artist herself, curator Mok Hei Kei is the author of one of the works on display, as is her father, Mok Wa Kei, who presides over the Association, with two signed pieces. The family of artists also include her brother, Mok Hei Sai (Elvis Mok), already known in the local artistic circuit, and even her mother, Tou Ut Ieng.

The Wa Kei Calligraphy and Painting Art and Study Association was established in 2017, with the purpose of researching, developing, training, promoting, and propagating the culture and art of Chinese calligraphy and painting, providing a platform for enthusiasts to exchange ideas and cultivate the artistic and spiritual feeling of the next generations of Chinese talent.

Founder and President, Mok Wa-Kei is a senior calligrapher and respected educator in the territory. Born in Macau in 1950, he graduated from the Normal University of Southern China with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Later, he studied Calligraphy at the University of Macau, Guangdong Literary Vocational College and Xi’an College.

The artworks will be displayed until September 9, 202

Admission is free.

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