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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents from Tuesday, April 18th onward, a Watercolor Exhibition, “Treasures of Macau”, authored by Portuguese architect and painter Vasco d’Orey Bobone. The display marks the 11th Anniversary of FRC showcasing a complete collection acquired by its Founder, Dr. Rui Cunha, and never exhibited at this Gallery before.

The set of 39 watercolors was commissioned by the Macau Tourism Office to integrate a book of paintings on local architectural heritage, with the same title “Treasures of Macau”, signed by the author and published in 2012. The collection of artworks would later become part of the private repository of Rui Cunha Foundation, which opened doors that same year.

This month of celebrations, FRC will display for the first time at the Gallery the many colors and transparencies of Vasco d’Orey Bobone’s visual memories. «The invitation to paint the heritage treasures of Macau in watercolors, directed to me by the Macau Government Tourism Office, meant a challenge at different stages. It all started with a visit to this city, which awoke my interest in deepening the knowledge of its History. This was not difficult, both due to the interesting reading that was recommended to me, as well as to the opportunity of unforgettable conversations with personalities that I had the pleasure to know, who live or lived there. In these moments I felt intensely the deeper dimension of what constitutes Macau’s – I would say magical – beauty, resulting from such extraordinary historical and cultural events», the author revealed in the book.

Vasco d’Orey Bobone was born in 1944. Graduated in Architecture, he studied Painting and Art History in Italy. As an architect and as a university professor he specialized in restoring and adapting historic buildings. The watercolor paintings, to which he is dedicated, led him to hold individual exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, with works already published in several books.

The author will not be able to attend this event in Macau, but invites the local public to explore landscapes, monuments, churches, temples, gardens, colonial or more modern buildings, and many other references of the city eternalized in these watercolors.

The works will be on display until May 6, 2023.

Admission is free.

Don’t miss it!

For Macau, Further and Higher!


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