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POSTER_jazzFBThe Rui Cunha Foundation presents this Saturday, May 28th at 9:00 pm, another session of Saturday Night Jazz, with the dedicated concert of “Tribute to Pat Martino + Ao Fai Group”, a choice to honor the internationally beloved North-American jazz guitarist and composer, born Patrick Carmen Azzara, who passed away on November 1, 2021, after a period of absence due to severe health issues, since 2018.

In memory of Pat Martino, the “Ao Fai Group” has prepared this tribute project to perform some of the most popular jazz standards recorded by the late guitarist. On stage will be Ao Chon Fai playing the organ and trumpet, Tony with the saxophone, Edwin at the piano, Meng and Mars with the guitars, Jovis playing bass, Tung and Fai behind the drums and Roy with the percussion.

The Macau Jazz Promotion Association, co-organizer of the event since 2014, invites all lovers of jazz music to come and enjoy another special night at FRC Gallery, where the collective of musicians has been exploring different styles within this musical genre, and developing projects aimed at youth and others.

Admission is free.

Don’t miss it!

For Macau, Further and Higher!