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POSTER-finalThe Rui Cunha Foundation inaugurates on Monday, November 22 at 6:00pm, a Four Women’s Seal Carving Exhibition entitled “Celebrating the Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party”, co-organized by the Macao Women Calligraphers, Painters and Sculptors Association.

The artworks on display are created by the experienced local calligraphers and stamp sculptors – Hong San San Rodrigues (洪珊珊), Ng Choi Ha (吳彩霞), Vong Mio Ngo (黃妙娥) and He Qunzhen (何 群 珍) – who «aim to show the glory of the Chinese Communist Party’s centuries of suffering and difficulties through inscriptions and engravings on stone seals», according to their artistic manifesto.

There are about forty art pieces of engraving and stone seals. The purpose of reproducing the stamps in images is to show the public the development of the art of seal carving in Macao, as well as the artists’ skills and creativity in the field of composition and meticulous sculpture.

The exhibition can be visited at the FRC Gallery until November 28, 2021.

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