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In this issue , the first of year 2014 , we benefited from the valuable collaboration of legal professionals and scholars both local and international .
Miguel Lucas Pires, PhD of Law , Professor of the University of Aveiro in Portugal , writes of Labour and Social Protection Regime Workers in Macau ;
Zhe Li , PhD in Law and Professor , Faculty of Law, University of Macau in co – authorship with Haitong Lin , Master of Laws , arise the problem of direct selling and pyramid scheme and the different legal treatment by the People’s Republic of China and the Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong .
Ricardo Seabra Moura , Attorney at Vieira de Almeida & Associates , Portugal and Law Heng Chong , Trainee Lawyer in the same Society , in conjunction write about the scheme for Residency in Macau , not to mention some cases of the Portuguese style.
Antonio Santos , Attorney at C & C Lawyers , Macau , says major legislative changes to the Code of Criminal Procedure of Macau, in force since January 2014.
Once again , the Journal is brought to the public in bilingual version , thanks, right now , the ever hard work of our translators , and leaving the promise number after number continue the process of improvement.
Hoping to meet the expectations of all who give us the pleasure of your reading, we turn once again to launch the challenge to collaborate with us by sending us the V. work .
Doctrinal articles , reviews legislative and / or jurisdiction in Portuguese and / or Chinese are the basis for the four months can take another step in solidifying and dissemination of a law Macau would want from everyone to everyone .
With votes Good Reads , look for comments, suggestions and / or editorial contributions in cred-dm@fundacao-rc.org