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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents, from September 16 onwards, the “Seal Carving and Calligraphy Individual Exhibition” by Hong San San Rodrigues, the President of the Macao Women Calligraphers, Painters and Sculptors Association and also a dedicated artist.

Two years after her first solo exhibition at the Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, Hong San San this time reveals a varied set of 21 pieces, including scenic paintings from Macau, Chinese calligraphy verses, fan paintings, stone carved stamps, among other works.

Regarding her art, which has been inspired by China’s cultural heritage and thousands of years of tradition, Hong San San stated that “this exhibition is also for inheritance and communication purposes, and I hope to receive guidance and comments from predecessors, teachers and friends. Therefore, I would like to share the common feeling and keep everything simple by avoiding all opening ceremonies. Let’s discuss art with sincerity, seeking only improvement!», is stated on the artist board of intentions.

«My first individual exhibition was held in the Autumn of 2018; in the same place, under the same sky, but the mood is now completely different…», she also confided. But, despite different times, “September is the Golden Autumn month. The National Day of China coincides this year with the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a beautiful day, a family and country reunion, with lanterns and the moon to add joy to the celebration!», added Hong San San.

The artwork will be on display from the 16th to 23rd of September at the FRC Gallery.

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