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POSTER“Opera in Literature” is the theme for the next cycle of Illustrated Conversations with Music, at the Rui Cunha Foundation.

In a time of confinement within the physical limits of a house or a city, we use computer technology to keeps us in cyber contact with family and friends. However, man is a social being who enjoys physical contact, alerting his five senses. It is not surprising, therefore, that many people have gained weight through the pleasure of the mouth, venturing into the cuisine that they never thought to explore or trying culinary extravaganzas.

The Macao Bookworm’s Association is committed to deepen their friendship with books and has decided to start listening with its eyes. So they intend to seek through the pages of novels for interesting musical notes of an opera piece or a lyric recital. The quest is to understand why the authors appropriated music into their novels. This is what we plan to discover in the new cycle that starts on July 23rd, by 6:30 pm, at the FRC Gallery. The first session is entitled “Generalities”.

Come have a look, listen and feel the pleasure of words transformed into musical melodies.

Also watch over the internet, registering to the virtual auditorium through the link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FH2onhH8S9qiI2fqutQENg.

The online broadcast will be exclusive to the Zoom platform, limited to an audience of 100 viewers.

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