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Poetry is a journey

At a time when the world is confined, the Rui Cunha Foundation and the Macau Bookworm’s Association were invited by the Um poema na Vila Association to give voice to their poets. In their words we are going to undertake an identity journey. After all, what is Macau and who are its people? What does this tiny dot on the world map have to say to the world?

United by a click, the poets from Macau will showcase their art while meeting other likeminded people.

Don’t miss this Sunday, July 12th at 9 pm (Macau time). The event is organized by the Rui Cunha Foundation, the Macau Bookworm’s Association and Um poema na Vila Association from Portugal.

This will be held exclusively online. Watch live on Rui Cunha Foundation Facebook page.
The broadcast will be presented in Portuguese and Chinese without simultaneous translation.