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Practical Training – Time Management for Lawyers
Instructor: Rita Swallow, C & C Lawyers Lawyer – MBA in Management

Sessions: 17,19, 24 and 26 of March, 2014 – 19h-20h30
Entry Limit: 20 Students

“To help participants understand what is the time and treasure it. Encourage the use of an agenda and creating a list of tasks for effective time management. Teaching participants to register for appointments and tasks and categorize them by their importance. Give participants ideas and mechanisms to combat acceptance of their tasks and take effective control of their personal and professional lives. ”

Practice Presented in Portuguese with simultaneous translation into Cantonese.
Free training but subject to application.

Please send us email with CV by 14 March to cred-dm@fundacao-rc.org
Location: Rui Cunha Foundation, Avenida da Praia Grande, n.759, 1 Floor, Macau
Organization: CRED-DM