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MamaSheMade at FRC on Saturday Night – 14-12-2019 at 9:30 pm

The Rui Cunha Foundation presents, in partnership with 10 Marias Cultural Association, the MamaSheMade Concert next Saturday night, December 14th at 9:30 pm, with a trio of artists coming from Paris to Macau.

MamaSheMade is a story of musical and poetic introspection from different journeys, told by Portuguese singer and songwriter Sheila Barros. The voice is accompanied by the double bass of Julie Dehondt and the rhythm and drums of Geoffrey Dugas, who are both French musicians. The result is a mix of “neo-jazz lyricism” with some “urban melancholy”, as the band’s manifesto defines it, punctuated by electronic and acoustic sounds that offer a trip through the new fado, with texts in Portuguese, English and French.

Between soul jazz and fado, the project of the three artists also involves scenic expression in each live concert with the crossing of cultures and emotions. MamaSheMade is the result of the meeting of Sheila and Julie’s musical universes, at first, establishing a dialogue between two sensibilities, energies and female vibrations.

In this concert or performance, the aim is to explore new fields of jazz, fado and the spoken word universe, embracing multiculturalism and its advantages, which allows creation without limits, according to the 10 Marias Cultural Association.

In a simple scenario, where only the three artists meet, the show also lives from the lighting game that chooses the perfect picture for each song, as if changing city, language, characters and circumstances, with each step of the narrative. If sometimes this change is subtle, other times it is quite remarkable, as a provocation to the public.

Organized by the 10 Marias Cultural Association, the MamaSheMade Concert is subsidized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and supported by the Rui Cunha Foundation, Orient Foundation, Casa de Portugal and Macao Jazz Promotion Association.

Admission is free. Do not miss it.