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From November 4th to the 7th, 2019, the 4th Mozambique Film Festival will take place in the Rui Cunha Foundation, at the Praia Grande Avenue, no. 749 in Macau, an event organized by the Association of Friends of Mozambique (AAM) with the support of the Rui Cunha Foundation (RCF), the Macau Foundation and the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

The program includes two feature films, two documentaries and the first three-dimensional animation ever made in Mozambique:

4/11 – “The Salt and Sugar Train” (2016), feature film by Licínio Azevedo (Gallery of the RCF, ground floor), starting at 18h00;


5/11 – “The Little Pests and the Toy Thief” by Nildo Essá (2013) and “200 Years of the Island of Mozambique” (2017), an animation and a documentary (Auditorium of the RCF, 1st Floor), starting at 18h30;

6/11 – “Our Madness” (2018), feature film by João Viana (Auditorium of the RCF, 1st Floor), starting at 18h30;

7/11 – “On the front line: Gorongosa’s rangers” (2018), documentary by James Byrne and National Geograpich (Auditorium of the RCF, 1st Floor), starting at 18h30.

These are internationally awarded films and documentaries (Africa, Europe and the Americas).

The directors Melagres Zacarias Cupula and João Viana will be in Macau to talk about their works and the cinema made in Mozambqiue, on November 5 and 6 respectively and after the projection of their works. Admission is free.