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Leong Chon’s first solo exhibition “Hello” will be  exhibited in Fundação Rui Cunha  in Macau. The exhibition mainly explore the form and relationship of the understanding of object in non-narrative and non-logical way.

The name of the exhibition “Hello” was designed to connect the relationship among artist, artwork and audience in an unfamiliar context so that it would extend Multidimensional space.

The works in the exhibition include two-dimensional, three-dimensional and non-physical works.

Additionally, a video work was done in cooperation with artist Ma Xiao and Ren Bing Xu.

Exhibition Opening: 18:30, 6 August, 2019
Exhibition Period: 6 August, 2019 – 17 August, 2019


This word “Hello” contains a lot of meanings. It is the common opening word for breaking silence when we meet someone for the first time.“ Hello”could be impassioned, distant, genuine, disingenuous, even meaningless, but that should have been defined.

I have been deeply interested in the defined things, the known, man-made, linguistic, but definitely not new.

I prefer discovering new meanings from the old things because essentially, creating is kind of an extension and an evolution. So, I do not like to define anything, as the essence of definition is violence and assimilation. Abandoning part of the ability of giving content in order to release the ability of comprehending is what I adore. So, “Hello”is a Neutral word that involves different meanings depending on the Mentality, angle and context. My job is just placing “ Hello”over there.

I experiment with some two-dimensional, three-dimensional, video and Non-physical works in an unconventional form, in the exhibition. As I hate definitions, the content of these works are ambiguous. Letting the viewers decide how to comprehend, is the effect that I want to suggest.

They might not be bad or good, but they exist.

Hello, this is my first solo exhibition in Macau. Hello, I am Leong Chon.