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A music concert by Abia Ng, which travels from the Baroque period to the modern time.

Abia Ng and her students will take you through this music journey.

This is just a music concert suitable for all music lovers

08.12.2013, 5pm at Rui Cunha Foundation

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Time Travel [by Abia Ng] Abia Ng

Prelude in C no.1 [by J.S. Bach] Dominique Nicole Wolfsgruber

Clementine & If you’re Happy [Edited by Liao Ng] YoyoSun 孫甄彤

Long, long ago [by Liao Ng] Kuok Meng Ian 郭銘恩

Arabesque [by J.F.Burgmüller] Desiree Wolfsgruber

Minuet with Variation [by J.L.Dussek] Julia I Nga Choi 崔爾雅

The Beautiful Blue Danube [by J.Strauss] Jamilah Mollaian

Mickey Waltz [Edited by Liao Ng] Chan Si Wan Sarah 陳思韻

———- Intermission 15 minutes ———-

E Lucevan le Stelle from Tosca [Opera by Giacomo Puccini] Singer: Mr. João Tubal

Piano Accompanist: Abia Ng

Habanera from the opera Carmen [by G.Bizet] Julian Patrick Diaz Liu

Radetsky March [by J.Strauss] Ng Hoi Cheng吳凱晴

Tastenritt no.7 from Pianinis [by C.Diendorfer] Desiree Wolfsgruber

Harry Potter Main Theme [arranged by Iman Mollaian] Iman Mollaian

‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ from the ballet Nutcracker [by P.I.Tchaikovsky]

Kayla Hei Tong Chan陳晞彤

Secret Andante from the movie Secret [by Jay Chow] Julian Patrick Diaz Liu

Path to Sofferenza [by Abia Ng] Abia Ng