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MyLittleSongPOSTERHedy Kou`s debut mini album – “My Little Songs”

Sábado, 18 de Agosto às 15:00 – 17:00

Fundação Rui Cunha 官樂怡基金會

SP Entertainment旗下藝人高菁將於8月18日下午三時半假官樂怡基金會畫廊舉行首張兒歌小專輯《My Little Songs》新碟發佈會,該專輯為本澳首張流行兒歌專輯。全碟收錄五首單曲,其中兩首歌曲更邀請熱愛唱歌的幾位小朋友一起參與錄音,歌曲題材及風格老少咸宜,本公司期望打造《My Little Songs》成為本澳首張流行兒歌專輯,冀以音樂作媒介,為時下兒童及青少年灌輸正確的人生觀及價值觀,亦讓他們自小開始接觸原創音樂,加強對澳門原創音樂的認識。

SP Entertainment’s artiste Hedy Kou is going to debut her mini music album “My Little Songs” at a launching ceremony at 3:30pm at Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery Aug 18. This is the first locally produced pop-kids’ song music album in Macao. Among the collection of 5 songs, two of them have engaged a group of children who are singing enthusiasts for studio recording. Topics of the songs suit for all ages. With “My Little Songs”, the record label aims at instilling positive values and messages to children and teenagers and allowing them to learn about local music when they are young, therefore strengthening their understanding and recognition to local music and artistes.