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Painting – My Melody

Hand-painted porcelains by Arlinda Frota

February 27th – March 16th 2013

Exhibition and Book Launching Reflections – Painting Porcelain Across Asia by Arlinda Frota in February 27th by 06.30 PM

Piano Recital by Ana Filipa Neves Ferreira, March 16th – 17.00 às 18.30

The Rui Cunha Foundation will launch, on February 27th 2013, at 06.30 PM, the exhibition Painting- My Melody by Arlinda Frota. On the opening day, on February 27th, by 06.30 PM, the artist will launch a book of her authorship entitled Reflections – Painting Porcelain Across Asia, presenting works inspired by Indonesia, Korea, China, Macao and with the presence of prestigious guests.

On March 16th, at the closure of the exhibition, Rui Cunha Foundation will present the piano recital by Ana Filipa Neves Ferreira that, in this way, will bring the music as an homage and inspiration source behind this exhibition.

Acerca da artista:

Arlinda Frota is a Macau resident and has been a medical doctor for 42 years. During childhood, painting fascinated her, following the example of her mother as a painter and an artist in other disciplines like piano composition. Arlinda Frota created unit in her spirit saying very often: Medicine, is close to Arts and is linked to artistic creativity. Arlinda Chaves Frota has been travelling in Europe, Africa and Asia where she lived for several years including China, Korea and Indonesia. She did work in all those different geographies. Throughout those various cultures and arts, she learned the delicate strokes, enhancing the mystic quality of each piece of porcelain. Two of her works were awarded with the Kofi Annan prize at the 7thWorld Peace Conference held in Ansan, South Korea, in 2004. Since then, she organized exhibitions across different countries, such as South Korea, Portugal, Angola, Macau, Switzerland and Indonesia.

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