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Based on the tragedy by Oscar Wilde

Talk illustrated with music by Shee Vá and Frederico Rato

Language: Portuguese


Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery


Continuing our conversations with music illustrations on the series ” Literature and Opera”, September will bring a celebration. Richard Strauss ‘ 150 anniversary needs to be commemorate in Macau.

In 1905, Richard Strauss produced Salome based on Oscar Wilde’s play named Salome. The play tell us a Biblical story about a young princess who demands the head of John the Baptist on a silver charger after he rejects her love. In a short period of time a cast little girl turned into a lascivious and decadent woman. Richard Strauss created a modernist opera, which produced a passionate reaction from audiences since its first run till the present. Salome´s Dance of the Seven Veils and her final monologue will be highlighted in this presentation.