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Book presentation by ASM
31/3/2014  –  19:30﹣21:00
Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery
(no. 749, Avenida da Praia Grande, G/F, Macao)
Free admission
Light refreshment served 
Enquiry: 28923288
Rui Cunha Foundation and ASM (The Association of Stories in Macao) invite you to the launch of and readings of ASM’s latest books.
When the Moon is Swimming Naked – Australian and New Zealand Poetry for the Chinese Youngster
  • Dan Disney – Mannequin’s Guide to Utopias
  • Beatrice Machet – Macao, the Grey Epic
  • Papa Osmubal (Oscar Balajadia) – The Only True Eye
  • Jean Kent – Language of Light
  • Judy Johnson – Exhibit
  • Fernando Sales Lopes – Geo Metria & Exercícios em Busca da Perfeição
  • Rai Mutsu – The Visionary Life of the Ferris Wheel
  • Gaaya Cheng – Fragments

Poesia_poster_facebook  2014.03.31-Ponto Final-Book presentation by ASM at FRC