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Oxfam will launch the GROW Festival (良食節) in Macau in March and April as part of the campaign. The festival will include educational activities about our responsibilities as global citizens. They will demonstrate the connection between the global food system and the things we do every day. They will also encourage the public to reflect on what they can do in our daily lives – for example, change their eating habits – to build a fair and more sustainable food system.

One-Eighth Exhibition guided tour (Groups Only)
The tour enables participants to learn more about the message behind the One-Eighth Exhibition and the stories behind the artwork. It encourages us to reflect on food justice issues, our responsibilities under the broken food system, and ways to respond.
Please book tours in advance (available on Mon-Fri).
Number of participants: 15-40
A talk on food justice and poverty can be additionally arranged after the tour.


Enzyme workshop
Date: 29 April (Sat)
Venue: Fundação Rui Cunha
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm
Please book in advance for school and group sessions.
Small farmers work hard every day, but around one-third of the food produced for people’s plates ends up lost or wasted between farm and fork. This seems hard to change and we always hear people saying things like: “Since this extra food cannot be sent to Africa to feed people in famines, why can’t I just throw it out?” Let’s break the myth and find out the relationship between food waste and hunger. You can learn how to use food waste to make enzymes for cleaning. Children over six years old and their parents are welcome to join.

Apply Now: http://www.oxfam.org.hk/en/grow_2389.aspx
“Black Gold” movie screening
Date: 12 April (Sat)
Venue: Fundação Rui Cunha
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm
Multinational coffee companies now rule our shopping malls and supermarkets and dominate the industry, which is worth over US$80 billion. Coffee is the most valuable trading commodity in the world after oil. But while we continue to pay for our lattes and cappuccinos, what coffee farmers earn remains so low that many have been forced to abandon their coffee fields.
Post-screening dialogue: Oxfam will share information about its Behind the Brands campaign, which ranks the social policies of the 10 biggest global food and beverage companies. We will also share with education professionals the methods we use to engage students in discussions about global trade issues. Teachers, youth workers and the public are welcome to join.
Film language: English with Chinese subtitles
Sharing session language: Cantonese

Apply Now: http://www.oxfam.org.hk/en/grow_2389.aspx

“Bananas!*” movie screening x Fairtrade Fortnight
Date: 30 April (Wed)
Venue: University of Macau, University Library, STDM Auditorium
Time: 3:00-5:00 pm
Lawyer Juan “Accidents” Dominguez is on his biggest case ever. On behalf of 12 Nicaraguan banana workers, he is tackling Dole Food in a ground-breaking legal battle for their use of a banned pesticide that was known to cause sterility. Can he beat the giant, or will the corporation get away with it?
Post-screening dialogue: Fair Trade Hong Kong will discuss the concept of fair trade. The public is welcome to join.
Film language: English and Spanish with Chinese subtitles
Sharing session language: Cantonese

Apply Now: http://www.oxfam.org.hk/en/grow_2389.aspx