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Concentricity—Collective exhibition of Ieong Weng Ian and Yu Xiaotong

Exhibition period is from June 27th until July 6th.

POSTER1-01“Concentricity” means Tong and Xin’s friendship. It is the experience we have studied together. It is our passion for art and the unremitting pursuit of the years. It is also the footprint of our deep spiritual exploration for this era. The series of “Toxin” and “Circadian Rhythm” presents the exploration and experimentation during their study and it is also the yearning for the future. It tells what the artists think is good and youthful through pictures.

The works absorb the color concept of western painting and bring in the material effect of new consciousness, making the characteristics of painting language more prominent and vivid. In the field of graphic painting, the exploration of comprehensive materials is presented, which shows the the renewal concept and formal aesthetics of the era that we pursue constantly.

“Concentricity” records the two artist’s friendship and the beginning of a new journey.

Please come to visit!