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PosterThe Macao Docomomo Research Center, in partnership with the Rui Cunha Foundation, presents, next Monday, February 25th, 6.30pm, at Rui Cunha Foundation, the lecture Mass Housing: Modern Architecture and State Power, a Global History, by the Arch. Professor Miles Glendinning  (University of Edinburgh).

This lecture outlines the results of a decade-long research programme under the same title, ‘Mass Housing – Modern Architecture and State Power, a Global History’.  This programme has a double focus: the modern state, and modern architecture.  It traces the story of their interaction on a heroic scale, over the past century, in generating one of the most ubiquitous modern urban development patterns, that of social mass housing – a pattern which, despite its ubiquity, is characterised by almost limitless variety between different continents, countries and cities.  The lecture begins with a thematically-arranged overview of this vast and variegated subject, and then presents a chronological narrative of its dramatic evolution and spread across the world, touching on both the historical origins and the conservation aspects of the main episodes of global mass housing.

The lecture will be in english