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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents, Tuesday, February 6th at 6:30 pm, the first session of Plataforma Talks new series, entitled “Promoting Macau Via Media Global Networks”, with the participation of guest speakers Kevin Ho, Businessman, Politician and Media Investor, and João Francisco Pinto, Information Director at TDM.

«Platforma turns ten years in May. A decade of thinking, saying, and giving space to those who know what they’re saying. We’re celebrating with a series of debates, co-organized with Rui Cunha Foundation, which has a good habit of doing the same», announces Paulo Rego, Director-General of the bilingual weekly paper.

This will be «the first of at least nine debates planned for this year», he explains. The theme of the initial session aims to highlight the vision and experience of the special guests, in building international media networks that allow Macau’s image to be projected abroad, in addition to the potential interaction with other media brands, including the exchange of content, commercial operations and even investment projects.

«The model will always be the same: two guests, a moderator, online streaming, and the ambition to promote this idea of international networks; be they media, cultural, university, financial, legal… Because that’s how the international city is built; that’s how we value the open city; that’s who we are – and who we want to be”, he justifies.

The debate will be presented in English by moderator Guilherme Rego, Executive-Director of Plataforma Newspaper, which is the entity promoting and co-organizing the project.

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