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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Tuesday, January 30th, 2024 at 6:30pm, the Special Exhibition “Xue Rongxuan’s Poetry and Chinese Culture”, a posthumous tribute honoring the poet and master calligrapher also known by the nickname “Lao Pi” (陋筆 or bad pen), who recently passed away at the end of 2023. Over the years he participated in collective exhibitions and conferences at FRC Gallery, co-organized with the The Flora Garden Poetry FriendsAssociation, where he was Director of the Executive Committee.

This exhibition gathers a collection of about 40 works of calligraphy and poetry, representing Xue Rongxuan’sliterary journey and artistic experience throughout his life. According to the Flora Garden Friends, he was «not only a versatile scholar who was good at eloquence, but he also had an ingenious way of quoting scriptures and using sentences, especially in couplets, which made him outstanding in the fields of literature and poetry. He often spared no effort to promote traditional Chinese culture, and used his years of personal research experience to raise the elites’ knowledgeof Chinese culture».

Xue Rongxuan (薛榮軒) was «always modest about his poor writing skills. Over time, it became his pen name». He was a «quick-thinking person, an individual with immense and extensive wisdom». He highly respected Chinese culture, and «had profound knowledge for its history, language, geography, and traditions, as well as poetry, ancient songs, and couplets». This tribute, organized by fellow calligraphers, aims to remember the work of the Master who was a regular at several events in Rui Cunha Foundation, namely the Fai Chun celebrations every Chinese New Year.

The exhibition will be on display until February 17th, 2024.

Admission is free.

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