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Reflections at Sunset “The Proof in Criminal Procedure – Between the lines of the CPP”
Tuesday, December 2 at 6:30 pm
in Macao at Rui Cunha Foundation

This conference will be the speakers Doctors Ladies Vera Lucia and Teresa Raposo Lancry AS Robalo, both professors of the Law School of the University of Macau.

The matter of evidence in criminal proceedings is one of the most important in practice, and may even dictate the outcome of the case, but, curiously, one of the least developed in the academic programs of universities.

However, the debate in the legal community is intense: on one side those who call for drastic measures being targeted to reduce crime; on the other, the scholars of fundamental rights, prone to any restriction, however high values are to be achieved.

Does the Criminal Procedure Code has gone too far or does it still ha space to go further?